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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Short Entry - Not Feeling Well

Thoughts for today
Haven't felt too well today, been hitting the DayQuil and Mucinex-D and haven't been too hungry, maybe I can drop a pound or two out of this illness deal.

Probably none.

An orange and 2 cups of black coffee.

Large hot and sour soup (no crunchy noodles) to try to knock out feeling sick.

Decided to try making a turkey wrap (3 slices), lettuce, sliced tomato, spicy mustard and a little feta sprinked in there. In my opinion, it came out as good as Subway or Jersey Mike's.

Cascadian Farm's peanut butter chip granola bar. A few whole wheat pretzel thins.


  1. Being sick sucks. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I just started coughing again, so I'm hoping it doesn't blow up into a big cold like I had last term. Drink lots of water, and get well soon!

  3. I take Mucinex during the day and then Nyquil at night to knock me out. All you can do is ride it out. Sorry, I know it sucks. And I love making wraps, too! Make sure you watch the sodium in the lunch meats though. I always go to Publix and buy the Boar's Head 42% lower sodium Deluxe Ham or the 47% lower sodium turkey breast for my deli meats.....soooo good. :)

  4. Thanks Enz, Amelia, and Tammy for the get well wishes and advice. I think I'm finally starting to feel better, a good night's sleep should help too.

    Tammy, I'll have to check out that low sodium deli meat at Publix, I love Boar's Head!