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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Started Smoking

Just seeing if anyone's listening....

I did start smoking but not in the way you might think. A few weeks ago, we met up with some friends at the park to grill out and I brought the little Char Griller smoker my wife had gotten me for Christmas and got all kinds of compliments on my baby back ribs from everyone, including my good friend who has won at barbeque competitions in Kansas City. Between that and watching a bunch of episodes of BBQ Pitmasters and my general love of cooking out, I've become obsessed with my new hobby of learning how to make killer barbeque. I've been reading nonstop about different techniques and the more I learn, the more hooked I am getting.

Last week, I bought a much larger scale smoker grill and today used it for the first time. It took over six hours till dinner was served, but the family really loved the spare ribs, and I even made them score me from 1-9 on appearance aroma, taste, and texture like the judges do on the TV show! I know I will improve, but I considered it a very good first attempt considering I was using a huge grill, in addition to different charcoal and wood chunks than I'd ever used in the past. Next time I think I'll pull some neighbors into the yard too and get their opinions.
Maybe this isn't the greatest hobby for someone with a weight loss blog, but I'm hooked so I'll just have to make it all balance out! Just need to use the same old portion control as always, though admittedly that can be difficult with a big rack of ribs in front of you. Good night y'all.