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Friday, January 22, 2010

Do Coffee and Ultra Lite beer count as water?

Thoughts for today
I never get anywhere close to getting in the 8 recommended glasses of water a day, even though I try. But I always have my 2-3 cups of black coffee in the morning and a lot of times a Michelob Ultra Lite or two with dinner. So can I count the coffees and beers as waters?

None yet, but maybe some Wii fit soon.

Nature's Own multi-grain english muffin. 2 cups of black coffee.

Thai food. Ginger chicken. Only ate 1/2 portions of the steamed rice and spring roll.Glass of water. Excellent lunch.

I marinated some steaks in Johnny's Fleeman's marinade and grilled em' up. Ate about a 6 oz steak. Threw a Bird's Eye steamer bag of baby peas and mushrooms in the microwave, along with Near East rice pilaf. 2 bottles of Michelob Ultra Lite. Very good dinner and I definitely could have gone back for seconds, but didn't.

Cascadian Farms fiber chocolate almonds granola bar. 7-8 Reduced Fat Triscuits. 8-10 Baked Tostito corn chips with Herdez salsa.


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog today, Matt! My suggestion for getting in more water is just to try and always have a glass or water bottle in front of you. It's much harder to ignore if it's staring you in the face, plus the convienience of having it right there means you are less likely to have other more calorie-laden beverages. I used to hate water, but I have heard that the reason it is an important part of weight loss is because it helps break down and flush out the fat. That's a good enough reason for me to get in my eight glasses most days! As far as the coffee and beer goes, I honestly don't know if they count towards your water consumption; my gut says 'no', but you'll have to ask around to get a more difinitive answer. Good luck!!!

  2. Matt,
    I have set up a routine. I have it right in front of me when I step in the shower and when I step out. Make sure I am drinking. Oh and I have this cool one that has the oz on it. So then I know if I am falling behing. Don't forget the straw you drink more this way.
    Thanks for visting my blog. You are doing really good.