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Monday, January 4, 2010

Penitentiary Style Trays


Starting Weight: 192.5, Goal Weight: 160, Current Weight: 189.5, Weight Lost: 3, Left to lose: 29.5

Thoughts for today

We bought the Wii Fit in November and finally plan to break it out tonight. The hope is that it will be easier to stick to a routine on that as opposed to going to the gym. On the eating front, I have started using those penitentiary looking trays or even the kiddie cartoony looking trays to make sure my portions aren't too big.


1 very large Fuji apple. 2 cups of black coffee.


Went for sushi with a co-worker friend at Fuji. 6 Eel/cucumber rolls and 6 salmon rolls and miso soup. Passed the salad with fatty ginger dressing on to my friend and he wolfed it. Glass of water.


Leftover Chinese food from yesterday (chicken and broccoli, steamed rice, and hot and sour soup). Yes, I love Asian food. Bottle of Michelob Ultra Lite.


Handful of roasted pumpkin seeds on the way home.


  1. Curious how the wii fit works for you... I am thinking of getting one

  2. I will let you know, looks pretty cool so far. Mostly just messed around with it tonight. Real easy to use and has lots of fun activities for keeping track of your progress in weight loss and calories burned and stuff. I think we'll use it a lot.