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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Corporate Wellness

Thoughts for today.
Today I signed up for my company's "corporate wellness" program.  They assign you a pedometer and the more you walk, the more dollars you earn to spend at places like Best Buy. Pedometer should be here in about a week. Hopefully, this will be part of the process that kick starts me into getting off of this plateau for good. Anyone else done one of these before?

None yet, maybe some Wii Fit soon.

None, I just forgot.

Chik-a-Fila sandwich on wheat with the picke slices. No other condiments, no fries. Very good sandwich. Glass of water.

Made some oven baked boneless chicken breast coated with Kentucky Kernel seasoned flour. Sides were Birds Eye Steamfresh baby peas and mushrooms and some leftover brown rice from P.F. Chang my wife had yesterday.Bottle of Michelob Ultra Light. It was a very good meal and as I write this I want to go back for seconds of everything, but I won't.

1 Fuji apple.


  1. lol, you crack me up. Forgot to eat. I wish I had that problem. I'd probably have a heart attack when I finally realized I'd forgotten to eat a meal, lol.

    No, I haven't done a corporate challenge before, but it sounds really cool. I bought a pedometer a while back, but then never programmed it. I'm glad to hear you're ready to get that booty moving!! :)

  2. If you have a wii, I suggest getting EA Sports Active. I have it and LOVE it. I'm currently doing to 30 day challenge. I did have to get better resistance bands because the one that it comes with wasn't enough for me. Yeah, I work out. You can also use the balance board with it. I don't have one of those but maybe someday soon I will!