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Monday, January 11, 2010

Greek week?

Thoughts for today
Last week it seemed like I had nothing but Asian food. Today is Monday and I have already had Greek dishes for lunch and dinner. Ah well, I know it's probably too much sodium, but as long as I manage to keep losing weight or at least break even.

Plan to do some Wii Fit after posting this blog entry.

2 leftover Fiber One banana nut muffins from yesterday with a little bit of Smart Balance sprayed on top. 2 cups of black coffee.

Went to Sam's for Greek chicken Salad with feta and balsamic vinegar. Glass of water.

I actually cooked dinner tonight and it got a thumbs up from the wife. I'm not doing WW, but we really like their "Cook It Quick" book because it's easy to make meals from and we don't usually feel like making elaborate meals on work nights. I was hesitant at first about pizza with no tomato sauce and mozzarella, but I have to admit it was really good. We give it an 8.5 out of 10! Probably ate a little too much of it, but not too overboard. Bottle of Michelob Ultra Lite.

Cascadian Farm's peanut butter granola bar. A few whole wheat pretzel thins.

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