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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hope All Had a Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break was overall nice and relaxing and, hey, I even lost a pound in there somewhere. Walked around enough with the wife on Black Friday to burn some of the calories I guess.
Eating, even on Thanksgiving Day itself, wasn't too horrible and the honey bourbon-glazed smoked turkey breasts and ham came out real nice. Still fighting to drink enough water, so have to rate most of my days as B/B- but as long as I'm losing a pound here and there, I won't stress about it.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving break, avoided the pepper spray, and may you continue to have a great Holiday season.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

B's and Sugar

I've yet to put together that perfect day where I eat just right, drink my fill of water, and get the proper exercise, but it's OK since I've dropped 3-4 pounds in the past couple weeks. Most days in the past week I would rate a B because I ate reasonably well and either drank plenty of water OR got at least form of exercise.

One thing though is that after meals, especially dinner, my body gets this a sugar craving for ice cream, candy, etc. So I let myself have just a little bit. I really shouldn't though because I'm not usually even hungry when the craving strikes, I just want the sugar. And not an orange or something, only legitimate 100% processed sugar will do. So I'd like to stop this habit, I just don't know how right now.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Encouraging C+

Grade C+ and for same reasons as usual lately...lack of water and lack of exercise.

I actually find this C+ encouraging because I realize that since I resumed the habit of doing a quick blog post everyday I've pretty much cut out mindless eating, buffets, and overeating in general and really haven't missed any of it at all! And overeating is and has always been my biggest demon when it comes to gaining weight.With a little extra commitment, I can get that water drank and at least do some kind of exercise even if it's just walking around the building at work a few times a day. Those should be much easier adjustments than cutting out all the stupid amounts of eating has been.

I still eat whatever kind of food I want, pizza/fried chicken/ribs etc and I feel like checking in with you guys everyday is somewhat like an AA member staying in touch with their sponsor regularly, it keeps me honest about my goals. Thanks guys!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm Tired, Very Short Post

C+ today. Eating was Ok, but no real exercise and not enough water. Too much salty food too.

Since I started the self-grading, my grades have been subpar, but the important thing is I'm thinking about this stuff again. It will come.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shish Kebab

A+ for the grilling, B for the weight loss effort

Grilled some marinated shish kebab for lunch. I think it's reasonably healthy and it came out great!  Dinner included hot wings, but only 5, rather than the 15 I'm capable of putting down. Today could have been an A had I drank more water and exercised some more, I mean I raked leaves for 1/2 hour which counts for something, but still need to pick it up in that regard if I want to start dropping more pounds.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Busy Night

Today's grade is another B-. Started off pretty good but didn't finish well.

Up until workday was over, I was doing really well and headed for an A grade but tonight I let the circumstances of my busy night circumstances dictate what I ate (Krystal - 2 miniburgers and handful of fries) and also let it dictate that I didn't do any kind of exercise. I ciuld have done better, but I certainly could have done worse, so B-.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today was not stellar, but still a big improvement over the last two days. Fiber bar for breakfast and jerk chicken (white), bean and corn salad, and sweet potatoes at Calypso for lunch. Plenty of water throughout the day, and even a quick walk with the wife after dinner and Psych.

Slip-ups featured eating half a cupcake at work that I wasn't even hungry for and maybe being a little too much of my own best customer as I grilled out for the family tonight (mesquite smoked chicken, grilled onions, garlic bread, and green beans). I like to sample as I go to see how things are coming along and  and adjust seasonings if needed etc. This would be fine, except that those little samples do add up and when I finally do sit down and have a reasonable sized plate with the family it's almost lke I've already eaten a meal and now I'm having seconds. Of course, this is the kind of stuff that can be easy to rationalize away, but I was stuffed after dinner and it was obvious I ate too much. It's just a lesson learned I guess. From now on if I sample a fair bit during grilling I'll just have a super small portion at the sit-down dinner, and that will be fine.I need to start putting some pictures of what I grill on here too!

Would have graded B-, but bumped up to B since there was a good lesson learned on the grilling/sampling. Good night y'all!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Day After

I did a little better the day after Halloween than I did yesterday, but not much. Too much grazing on yesterday's candy and I even felt the need the finish the last of the Boo Berry cereal after dinner when I wasn't hungry at all. Breakfast and lunch were reasonable at least, and I did drink a decent amount of water, but no exercise to speak of.

Call it a C-