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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Off the Wagon for a Day

Thoughts for today
This was not an eat to win day - period.  The wife and I took off this morning just to get away from things for a nght and ended up in Decatur, AL. Something we love to do is try unique regional dishes when we travel, and I didn't want to forgo that. I had no desire to go to great bbq and seafood places and eat grilled chicken salads, so I just decided to try to keep the portions of the good stuff somewhat under control. I guess I succeeded to some degree because I don't have that sick bloated tired feeling I used to get when I ate every bit of what was served.  Heading home tomorrow and will try to post again tomorrow night and catch up with the posts of my blogger friends. Take care all.


Kashi GoLean Crunch with 1% milk. 1 cup of black coffee.

Big Bob Gibson  Bar-B-Q in Decatur, Alabama. The wife and I shared a ribs and brisket combo with bbq beans and side salad with italian dressing. Brisket was excellent and these were the best ribs I've had in a long, long time. The place has won many awards and rightfully so. Maybe this kind of commentary has no place on a weight loss blog, but I highly recommend the place to anyone who finds themselves anywhere near this part of Alabama. About the only props I can give myself are for drinking Diet Pepsi, not eating any of the rolls, and actually leaving a rib and a few pieces of brisket on the table, but these were fairly minor gestures on my part.

McCollum Seafood in Decatur, Alabama, another local favorte and the meal was excellent. Wife ordered baked whitefish and I ordered fried catfish. We split the fish dishes but didn't finish either, again a minor gesture on my part, but better than I would have done in the past. Ate half the baked potato with a little bit of margarine and sour cream and about 1 1/2 hot hush puppies. Threw down another Diet Pepsi for good measure.

About 15 natural almonds


  1. Sometimes you've just gotta enjoy a good meal! Now get back on the wagon ASAP! :o)


  2. Your volume actually doesn't sound too bad for being on "vacation"'s always good practice to leave a little food behind, especially on vacation. It's just too hard to get going again when you fall completely off the wagon.

    I was going to suggest a 15-20 minute brisk walk to you, just to get you started on the exercise. I know you're having a hard time getting started, but something really is better than nothing. And I have a feeling that once you get out there, you'll further the distance quite quickly. :)

  3. Thanks Amelia, officialy back on the wagon!

    Tammy, my work recently started some kind of employee health miles program where they give you a pedometer and you get money to spend at Best Buy and different places the more miles you walk. I've been talking about joining for a while..I think I'll do it tomorrow, thanks!