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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flavor of The Week

Thoughts for Today

First, thanks to Lisa for the "Sweet Doll" award. While it aint the most masculine sounding award, I really appreciate it! Will try to fulfill its terms tommorow. Now onto my day..

I've realized since I started blogging that I quickly grow bored with exercise. Well not exercise in itself, but focusing too much one kind all at once. For a while, running on the Wii Fit was all the rage, then it was walks around the neighborhood, now it's jump roping.  Eventually I dread doing them because it becomes too much like a "task." That's why I don't join a gym or anything. I think I would quickly learn to dread any kind of "workout routine" and just up and quit doing it one day. And I'm not putting down any of my fellow bloggers who can and do stick to a exercise routines, in fact I wish I could be more like you in that respect. I'm just speaking honestly about myself and saying I think I need to mix it up better when it comes to exercise instead of concentrating so heavily on things that end up just becoming the flavor of the week.

Anyway, while jumping roping is the current flavor ....

Wife did a little reading online about jump roping and learned that stretching before/after and walking around between sets of 100 or so jumps instead of just standing there panting is supposed to increase the calorie burning benefit because your heart rate stays elevated throughout. So we tried it her way and I do like it better. It seems easier to do all the jumps when you keep moving, my legs don't end up feeling as jello like, and I get done quicker.

Grading myself a B for today. Eating was so-so on the health scale, but lots of exercise, lots of water, and snacking was decent.

Upped the jump roping by another +50 jumps for a total of 450. Also, we walked one of the trails at Old Stone Fort State Park and we definitely want to go back and hike more of the trails now that weather is getting nice. Ended up with 12,000+ pedometer steps today.

Bowl of Multi Grain Cheerios mixed with Total and skim milk. I've always liked mixing cereals. 2 cups of black coffee.

Wife and I met our son at Panera Bread. I love their French Onion Soup Bread Bowl and I know it's not the healthiest thing in the world but that's my favorite dish there so I was not to be deterred. Was a beautiful afternoon and we got to sit at a table on the outside patio, so I fed the inner part of the bread bowl that they cut out to make room for the soup to the birds. Normally I would have eaten that along with a side of more bread. Instead, got an apple for the side and a few glasses of water.

Drove out into the country to visit family and a great home cooked dinner was awaiting on our arrival. Baked fish, baked potato, pinto beans and cornbread, greens and vinegar, and white sweet potato for dessert. Meal was excellent and I must admit I unnecessarily grazed a little afterwards on extra bites of cornbread and sweet potato that I didn't need.  But it was a great meal and most people would have done the same thing, so I'm not worried about it. The saving grace is that for her own health reasons "Me-maw" (as we call her) doesn't cook with salt and uses light/lowfat versions of butter, sour cream etc.

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar. Sliced up orange. A few big handfuls of Multi Grain Cheerios. 4-5 peppermint candies.


  1. Matt you're doing great. That is a huge part of the problem solved when you listen to yourself and find honest solutions. I thoink that is very wise of you.

    Congrats on the award!

  2. You would probably like interval training. The reason I enjoy working out with the trainer so much is because my workout is never the same. I get bored easily. The good thing is that you change it up which is better for your body and calorie burning anyways.

    That's funny about mixing the cereals. My dad does it all the time, and it drives my mom crazy.

    Greens for must be a southern guy...?

    My Papa is the greens maker in my family.

  3. Sounds like a great day, your eats sound delicious - that's my boredom factor - if I have to eat the same food over and over, I know I will head for a calorie blow out in record time.

  4. Thanks for the skipping tip, I'll remember that!
    Sounds like you had a great day :o)
    I think i'm going to steal your day grading idea, if you don't mind :o)