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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Food Channel

Thoughts for Today
I find that I pat myself on the back a lot these days for having gotten used to this common sense approach of eating in moderation, but 15 minutes of watching Food Channel sure can change things. Wife and I are watching it right now and seeing all these dishes from great Roadfood type joints around the country: knockwurst pastrami sandwiches on rye with provolone, Chicken MacArthur (a great looking rich, pasta stir fry), perfectly crisp hot wings, and giant and amazing looking burgers and fish sandwiches on big fresh rolls with plenty of awesome looking fries. These were not foods to be found in WW books and the like. We finally had to shut it off cause it looked so damn good!

I guess that part of me that wants to forget the whole thing, push aside the scale, and eat bunches of Chicken McArthur will never be completely gone, but for now I've got him under control.

Grading myself a B- on the day. I did have pizza and chili and beer, but portions were reasonable and didn't I snack as much as usual. However haven't had many glasses of water yet and exercise level is shaping up to be mediocre for the day.

Good night y'all.

Nowhere near my minimum 7000 pedometer steps for the day yet, but might take a walk to at least hit 7000. 

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar. 2 cups of black coffee.

Another busy day at work, but went out for lunch anyway. Slice of cheese pizza and a salad with a little bit of Italian dressing. Diet Coke.

Wife made up a big pot of homeade chili with 92% lean ground beef and it was a great batch! Had a reasonable sized bowl with 10-12 saltines and two Michelob Ultra Lites.

An empire apple.


  1. Pizza is a bloody killer! Diet killer that is! It's my fav food but i don't dare eat a bit, coz i know it will lead to devouring a whole pizza and in a very unladylike manner! lol

  2. Oooh-ho-ho. Sounds like a dangerous form of torture.

  3. i know what you mean - blogging can be very hazardous to your diet too - a lot of blogs i follow take pics for what they eat and it can sure get you hungry!

  4. Oh my stars!! I am a food channel addict. We literally watch it everyday...

  5. I NEVER, EVER, EVER watch the Food Channel, lol...I'm just too damn good of a cook, and I'd be in the kitchen whipping up something after every show! lol