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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Want my BK Big Kid's Meal

Thoughts for Today
Wife and I met at Burger King for lunch. Doesn't BK always smell so good outside when they are grilling burgers? We've been eating the BK Big Kid's meal lately, which feels funny to order as an adult, but it's just the right amount of food.  A great little double burger and a little bag of fries with a Det Coke. But today we ended up with just the Kid's Meal (guy at counter messed up the order)  which is a small, thin single burger and the little bag of fries. And it really wasn't enough, I was starving about an hour later and had to have a snack or two. On the way home I was so hungry, I ate a little pack of croutons that I found in the glove box of my truck.

Also tried my first Activia, before today all I knew was that dumb song Activiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia! It sort of tasted liek strawberry yougurt with hard little pieces of bread in it, but it wasn't half bad.

Grading myself a C+ on the day for not eating enough lunch, which caused me to continuously snack for the rest of the day.
Good night y'all!
Should make it to 10,000+ pedometer steps with a little jogging in place. Wife is even talking abou a little jump roping in the driveway, so I'm sure I'll get the steps somehow.

Bowl of Multi Grain Cheerios with skim milk. 2 cups of black coffee.

Wife and I met at Burger King - BK Kids meal, burger, fries, and Diet Coke.

Leftover Chicken Cream Cheese Rolls from last night. Excellent again. Sides of green beans and Harvest Wheat Brown Grain Rice with mushrooms. Big glass of water.

Cascadian Farms Chocolate and Pretzel granola bar. A few spoonfuls of chocolate, the real kind that you cook, excellent! Small bag of croutons. An Activia yougrt/cereal thing. A few peppermints and malted milkballs (Whoppers). A few handfuls of cheese popcorn.


  1. I can't stand BK! When it opened in the next town, we ate there and both John & i got sick...real sick! Then a few months later i had a whopper and then found out is costs like 60 grams of fat? No thanks!
    But we go there for the toys sometimes :o)

  2. Sorry Matt, I hate BK!!! I think it is my least favourite fast food place. I don't think snacking all day because you're hungry is a bad thing if you are snacking on healthy food most of the time.

    What I try to do, after my 3rd snack is force myself to make a small meal that's balanced in protein, carbs, fat to stop the snacking, but that isn't always possible.

  3. My irresistible is Arby's. I know. Right? But Matt, the Reuben and the curly fries and they give me a xl cup with fountain water and only charge me for the cup. *sigh*

    Once in a while. Like BK.

  4. I love BK....oh...and McD's, Wendy's, Arby's, Zaxby's, Steak and Shake....oops sorry I got distracted.

    I find it funny when I order a kids meal...and they say boy or girl. Normally I say boy..those toys are

  5. OMG I LOVE those flame-broiled, fat-laden burgers!!!! Sooooo good. And I need your wife's recipe for those chicken cream chz rolls, or whatever they were, lol. email it to me please!!!!!!!!! :)