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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Broccoli Eating Dog

Thoughts for Today
Gving myself a B today. Got some fairly rigorous exercise in and drank a lot of water. Yeah I had two meals featuring fried food, but portions weren't overkill and I didn't snack much today at all. And it's important to me to lose this weight while eating food I love as opposed to nothing but raw carrots (Hey Ruth Anne!) and egg whites (Hey Tammy!) every meal, so my grading system has to take that into account. I'm not on a diet and don't want to be. I respect those who are following a "system", but for me personally I want to lose the weight through common sense eating and exercise. So on those criteria, I'm sticking with a B.

Good night y'all.

Ran about 30 minutes, some on Wii Fit and the rest while watching National Treasure. Should hit 11,000-12,000 steps by night's end.

Thomas' Hearty Grain English muffin with a bit of Parkay spray. 2 cups of black coffee.

Greek. Intended to get a nice healthy grilled chicken salad, but this Zorba sandwich grabbed by eye. It wasn't healthy (chicken, provolone, and a bunch of vegatables all fried up on the griddle and served on a nice big sub roll). At least I didn't go for the combo (fries) and had a couple glasses of water.

Leftover of lastnight's double dipped beer batter chicken. Sides of rice pilaf and broccoli seasoned with lemon and parmesan. Portioned out in kiddie tray as per norm. I fed the dogs the rest of the leftover chicken. It was the only way I wouldn't go back for seconds. I even fed one dog  some of the broccoli and then caught him later on leaned up on the countertop eating the rest of the broccoli out of the serving bowl. Yes, he's a tall dog.

A few big handfuls of Kellog's Lowfat Granola.


  1. Do you find it hard to control your portions?

  2. Sounds like you had a good day, overall, and I agree with you - I don't think deprivation works in the long term.

  3. You rock Matt. I am doing the same thing with family meals. I refuse to make five different things. I just eat less of any higher calorie thing and increase my serving of healthy.

    Keep it up. Love the broccoli eating dog!

  4. AGH! My dog is a total counter surfer too. Yesterday she literally almost ate an entire stick of butter she grabbed from the counter. Luckily I got it from her in time!

  5. Gotta' love a broccoli-eating dog!! My dog prefers egg whites ;)

  6. Seth - I do have difficulty with portion control when it comes to stuff like fried chicken, pizza, wings...the kind of food I can love to just eat and eat. So far in 2010 it's a battle I've been winning for the most part, but I don't think I'll ever completely defeat the urge to overeat.

    Enz - Yeah total deprivation just doesn't work for me at all.

    Journey - LOL, we've done the multiple meal cooking thing before and it quickly gets tiring. I'm with ya all the way.

    Nicole - My dog would definitely eat a stick of butter too, given the chance! He's not very discerning.

    Tammy - Egg whites LOL

  7. I can't believe your dog ate broccoli!! That is too funny.

    You're doing awesome. I really think your sensible approach is going to keep the weight off for good :)

  8. HA HA HA! Dude, I'm totally converted and eat more than carrots, chicken and spinach. ;-)