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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Charley the Grocer

Thoughts for Today
When I was a kid I remember the guy who owned the neighborhood store was way overweight and he always used to send the kids who worked there out on errands to pick him up Burger King and such. He'd order the most super sized Whoppers, fries, apple pies, etc. available but at the end of the order he'd make absolutely certain that his drink was a Diet Coke. I always found that a hilarious and futile gesture considering the rest of his order. Today I went to lunch at BK and found myself doing the same thing, although in my defense I ate only half of the bad items. But I did make sure that drink was a Diet Coke, so I guess Charlie the grocer finally gets the last laugh.

Posting early tonight cause we're getting ready to head out to dinner with friends soon and probably won't be home until late. Pre-emptively grading myself a C+, mostly because of lunch, but the grade could go up or down depending on the rest of the day.
Good night y'all!

Going to jump rope after this post. My goal is to add 50 jumps each day - I did 300 yesterday. Today will be 350, tomorrow 400, and so on until I reach an amount I decide is more than enough. Should top 10,000 steps by day's end.

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar. 2 cups of black coffee.

Burger King. Ate half of one of the new Steakhouse XT Burger and half an order of fries. Diet Coke. I don't regret it cause I wanted to try the new BK burger, it was really good, and it's not the kind of thing I've been eating on a regular basis! But I just looked up the stats, and I apparently ate half the amounts of each:

970 calories, 135mg cholesterol, 12g sugar, 55g carbs, 61g fat, 42g protein, 1930mg sodium

Going out for authentic Mexican with friends. Going to try to stick to chicken fajitas without the tortilla and small quantities of chips and salsa.

An Empire apple. 10-12 natural almonds.


  1. Why of coarse we order a diet drink to go along with our meal of fatty bliss!! There is no other

    Great job on eating half though. That is really will of steel.

  2. But....Diet Coke tastes better...and it has a magic negative calorie effect..doesn't it?

    Enjoy your dinner, fajitas are my favourite. I often ask for some lettuce leaves and use those for the wrap. With more and more people "low carbing", it is not such a strange request any more.

  3. Holy crap, 485 cals and 30 g of fat in HALF a burger, lol...hope it was worth it!! Seriously, good job on ONLY eating half. God knows I would have eaten the whole thing. It's all or nothing baby!! After that first bite, it's all over. ;)