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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Thoughts for Today
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone, hope everyone is having a good one. I haven't hoisted a green beer yet, but will probably toss back a few Michelob Ultra Lites later. Not quite Harp or Guinness, but it'll do just fine.

Grading today a solid B+. Plenty of pedometer steps, only one salty meal, lots of water, and snacking was healthy. Would have liked to earn an A today, but I did eat some chocolate chip cookie, waffle fries, and bacon, so B+ is tops unless I run a half marathon before bedtime.

Good night y'all and be safe!

Going to jump rope after this and also go for a walk, should go way over 10,000 steps by day's end.

Bowl of Raisin Bran with 1% milk. 2 cups of black coffee.

My company brought in giant spuds from McCallister's Deli. I had half of one with a little bit of each fixing: bacon, sour cream, cheddar, black olives, chives, and pepper. Also half a chocolate chip cookie. Both were great! Water.

Family dinner at Chik-A-Fila. Had a Chik-A-Fila sandwich, half an order of waffle fries, and Diet Dr. Pepper.

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar. An Empire apple.


  1. Happy Paddy Day to you too!!! I REALLY wanted to drink a 6 pack of Killian's, but refrained (dammit). :)

  2. Jump ropes are awesome for the body as a whole. keep up the good work.

  3. B+ sounds pretty good to me :) Keep it up...