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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stress Works

Thoughts for Today
Again hit my 10,000 steps even though this afternoon/evening was long and stressful and a perfect setup not to get in the steps. I actually kind of used all the crap I had to do as a way to squeeze out a few thousand more steps, so I guess sometimes stress works.

Grading myself a A- for today for reasonable portions of food I really enjoyed, good snacking, hitting my 10,000 steps, having plenty of water, and low salt overall on the day. Need to start working fruit back into what I eat.  That's all I got for tonight, hope everyone is doing well on their journey today.
Good night y'all!

10,000+ pedometer steps after some walks.

Cascadian almond/chocolate granola bar. 2 cups of black coffee.

Wife and I met at Otter's for a salad with two small chicken buffalo tenders and a Diet Coke. Weather was beautiful, so we got to sit at an outside table.

Wife found a superb recipe in a book with 4 ingredient Diabetic meals: Chicken Cream Cheese Rolls. She made it with lowfat vegerbale cream cheese and for a 4 ingredient meal, it really had a gourmet type taste. Sides of green beans and Harvest Wheat Brown Grain Rice. Big glass of water.

Bowl of Multi Grain Cheerios/Total flakes with skim milk. 1 girl scout cookie (Samoan).

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