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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tangible Rewards

Thoughts for Today
Today I saw some friends I hadn't seen since New Years Eve, right before I started this blog, and they both immediately noticed how much weight I had lost. That was really nice to hear, because I don't notice it in myself as much, I guess because comes off gradually.

Another event today in this vain..after dinner, we hit Kohl's and I bought a pair of jeans in a size that I haven't been able to wear in many, many years. Tried them on when we got home and they actually fit! That was a very cool little moment. It was also the first pair of jeans I have ever bought with holes already in them and some kind of onboard canvas belt. Not what I'd normally buy but wife said they were "kick-a&s" so why not.

Grading myself a B on the day. Although dinner was a bit too heavy, the other meals were fine, my water intake was decent, and had lots of pedometer steps.

Good night y'all.

No actual "exercise" but ended up over 12,000 pedometer steps walking around Home Depot, Lowe's and an assortment of other places.

Fiber One Pancakes (2) and turkey bacon (2 pieces). 2 cups of black coffee.

Broiled about an 8oz salmon steak wrapped in foil with fresh lemon juice, pepper, spices, and a tablespoon of Parkay. Came out great. Also little bit of rice pilaf leftover from the other day. Water.

Wife and I were going to go to Olive Garden tonight cause she was craving pasta, but at the early hour of 5 PM the place was absolutely jam packed. Same deal at Logan's Roadhouse and even Cracker Barrel. The little town we live in used to have none of the major chain restaurants, but now that we do this is what's it's like every Saturday night. It's as if we, as a town, have to try make up for all the years we didn't have the chains.

So we went to Fulin's for Asian and it was great. Chicken and Garlic sauce, string beans, egg roll, brown rice, and split a big bowl of hot and sour. Not an overly healthy meal, but at least we had a lot of leftovers to take home.

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar. A few small pieces of homeade beef jerky About 20 natural almonds.


  1. Great steps Matt! and super congrats for the kickin' jeans. I love those moments!

  2. Hooray for kick ass jeans!!! Can we expect a pic of you in those in the next post?????? :)