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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

C'mon Warm Weather

Thoughts for Today
I have fallen way behind with reading all your blogs and have had very little time to catch up since going to Knoxville, but I will try to hit a few tonight. This morning, I had dropped back down to where I was before going to Knoxville, so that was good. Today was pretty salty though, so probably no new losses tomorrow morning. However, the next loss I do get will officially put me at 10% less total weight than when I started this blog, so I'm pretty motivated to hit that mark. This weekend is supposed to bring warm (60-ish) sunny weather, so we're looking forward to getting in some long hikes and lots of outdoor time.

Probably a quick Wii Fit run after this. Got real busy tonight, so will probably only hit 7000 pedometer steps.

Active Lifestyle Chocolate and Oats Bar.

Calyspo Cafe for 1/4 Chicken (white) with Carribean Jerk Sauce, bean and corn salad, and greens, Really hit the spot.

Sushi. About 5 Yum Yum rolls (fried, bad), 6 Crunchy Shrimp rolls, and 2 California rolls. Miso Soup.

6-8 malted milkballs (Whoppers). Active Lifestyle Chocolate and Oats Bar.


  1. We had some sunshine today, but it was still 40 degrees out and windy....I'm thinking about taking a hike this Sat if I can talk Dwayne into it....he's not too much into exercise. Maybe I can lure him with the promise of a double bacon cheeseburger afterwards. He can be bought, lol.

  2. yep...Hotlanta is not-so-hot

  3. I am so ready for spring I can hardly stand it. I'm tired of dead plants and cold weather!! I walked the dog outside the other day and it wasn't awful, but enough of the crappy weather already.

  4. There's a great article about the benefits of even just losing 10% of your body weight.

    It really makes you feel good about your progress so far. Congrats on soon reaching this milestone.


  5. Tammy - Dbl bacon cheeseburger sounds awesome! I haven't had one all year, but now I want one!

    Lisa - I'm with ya, I grew up in I much colder place than Tennessee, so I have no love affair with snow and cold!

    Enz - Thanks for the article, makes it all seem worth it.