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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My First A

Thoughts for Today
Today was a long busy day and dinner was the only real meal, but somehow I didn't feel hungry throughout the day even though I had only ingested 240 calories up until about 30 minutes ago. Had plenty of water, did some jump roping, should get in plenty of exercise by day's end, and even though it was a weird day of eating that I wouldn't choose to repeat again, I did manage to get in something from all five food groups. Also had dropped 0.5 lbs on this morning's weigh in. Grading myself an A for the day, my first A so far!

That's about all I got for now, thanks much to all my "regulars" who drop by the blog frequently. I always fire up the laptop as soon as I get home to read your comments and it really does make it easier to stick with what I'm doing even when I don't feel like it.

Good night y'all.

Did 3-4 mintues of jump roping before dinner. I'm told it's not a good idea to jump rope after dinner, so I won. If I can talk wife into it, we'll take a 20-30 minute walk after dinner so I can get my 10,000+ pedometer steps for the day.

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar. 2 cups of black coffee.

Very busy day at work preparing for a demo and etc, and didn't have a chance to go grab lunch. All I had sitting around was another Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar so I ate that with a glass of water.

Wife and I split a leftover vegetable burrito from last night's Taco Express and it was very good. She also made up some refried beans with lowfat mexican chhese mixed in. Boy could eat a lot of that, but I just had a portion that fit in section of kiddie tray with a few handfuls of Baked Tostitos and salsa. Bottle of Michelob Ultra Lite.

An empire apple.


  1. Congratulations Matt. I have a tough time when it gets busy. Wouldn't you know I have FiberOne products as my emergency fall back too? I hope you talked the wife into it. If not, go by yourself. She'll regret not going the second you walk out the door. Then she'd for sure come tomorrow!

    Good luck.

  2. Great job on getting the A... but maybe you should make in a A- just because you went most of the day on 2 fiber bars :)
    -FogDog Weight Loss

  3. Good job. I kept seeing the other grades and was wondering when the A was coming. Good job.

  4. Great job on the A - but don't make a habit of not eating all day!!! I know you don't, j/k.

  5. It cracks me up, but I love how you measure your food on kiddie trays. I should start doing that; easy way to have portion control and with 3 littles I have plenty of kid-sized plates!


  6. glad you got an A - it is a rare day that i forget to eat, or don't have time to eat - maybe i should try to squeeze more in my day

  7. Journey, yeah she went with me even though she wasn't feeling well, that was sweet.

    Fog - LOL I had thought the same thing about downgrading to an A-, but left an A because I considered it a "shock to the system" sort of day it it seemed to work.

    Seth - Yeah I grade pretty tough, so it's gotta be a good day on all fronts to get in the A range.

    Enz - Hey fiber bars aren't not eating LOL. But don't worry about me, I have rarely skipped a meal in my life!

    Ruth Anne - LOL, I started about with the larger "penitentiary" style trays but you
    can fit way too much food on those ones. With the kiddie trays, I actually get full most times too.

    Lauralei - I think it was fine that I did it one day, but I would never do it on any kind of regular basis. It's not good for you and I hear it causes metabolism to go into "starvation mode" and hold onto fat and I definitely don't want that!