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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Assault on Salt - Part II

Thoughts for Today
I am ready to have another Assault on Salt this week, which means cooking dinner at home every night even when it's inconvenient and trying to keep lunches out as low salt as possible too. When I did it a few weeks ago, it really did seem to shake things up and get the weight loss moving again and since then things have kind of slowed down, so I'm ready to do it again, the the wife is onboard with the idea too. Problem is that I like salty food. Especially while I'm in this weight loss mode and lots of the great tasting lowfat, low cal snacks like seasoned air popped popcorn and homeade beef jerky are loaded with salt.  Eliminate salty snacks and sometimes it feels that all that's left is raw carrots and rice cakes..oh wait are rice cakes salty too?...but anyway I'll be OK just doing it for a week.

Grade for today is a B+. Ate only half my dinner portion even though I wanted it all, stuck to one biscuit whn I easily could have eaten three and then asked for more. Had plenty of water and will get in my 10,000 steps. Was a fairly salty day, but next week should fix that.

Any favorite low salt snack suggestions, I'd love to hear them...Good night y'all!
Will have 10,000+ pedometer steps after some running on the Wii Fit.

Bowl of Raisin Bran & Multi Grain Cheerios in skim milk. 2 cups of black coffee.

Leftover Chinese from yesterday. 1/2 lunch portion of Chicken with Garlic sauce and steamed white rice.

Chop House for Rattlesnake Pasta. A very tasty and nonhealthy fettucine in spicy cream sauce dish, but I only ate half and sampled on the wife's mashed potatoes (no gravy), and steamed broccoli.  Also had a small biscuit with just a little bit of the sweet butter.

An ambrosia apple. About 12-15 malted milkballs (Whoppers). A few small handfuls of salted peanuts.


  1. Followed you over from a comment you left on a newer blog (Shane, I think). Anyway, I thought I'd also share in your transformation. Considering your thoughts on salt, have you read The Secret to Skinny? I have skimmed a friend's copy.

    It does have some interesting insights into salt and the effect on weight gain/loss.

    Anyway...I'm looking forward to sharing in your transformation.

    Getting Better and Better

  2. i have been eating the multi grain cheerios in the morning - i mix it with some bran cereal and skim milk and it is yummy!

  3. Wasa crackers and brie. Frozen grapes (try them and you may I say!)
    Add in some protein, and I'm full for longer. Lots of people use laughing cow wedges because they're low fat and spreadable.

    I like eggs. I like apples, I just try to get 2-3 healthy food groups.

  4. Fruit is always a good snack...I know you shop at Publix like I do, and they've had some good prices on navel oranges the last few weeks...and they're seedless. Dwayne's even been enjoying them with me on the weekends and he does his best to stay away from anything healthy, lol. You can get unsalted almonds and walnuts....both are good ways to sneak in the "healthy" fats we're supposed to be eating...just make sure you measure your amounts...1/4 cup is 200 cals I think. Wheat Thins are nice, crunchy snacks...I think they come with less salt or lower fat...can't remember which one. If you use worcestershire or soy sauce when you're cooking dinner at home, there are low sodium options for both. Hope this helps. :)