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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Piss Poor Behavior

Thoughts for today
Y'all can read about the salad I had for lunch below. It really was good enough to devote a blog post title to, and I'll definitely order it again someday. If I was one of those bloggers who posted pictures of their food, this would make the list. Funny thing is I felt like I overate, even though it was a relatively healthy salad. I'm not a big avacado fan so I removed that, and the yellow from  the boiled eggs, as well as the majority of the cheese and potato sticks from the salad. But other than that, I ate the whole bowl and it was practically as big as one of those family sized bowls. I definitely realized when I had eaten about 2/3 of the bowl that I wasn't hungry anymore, but it I just kept plowing away until it was gone because it tasted so good. So while I rate this as a Fair on the calorie/fat consumption scale, I have to give myself a Piss Poor on behavior sacle, because I clearly ate just to eat. No big deal to overeat for the one meal,  but just I don't want to open the gateway to that kind of behavior. It would be especially pathetic to let a salad be the thing to open that gateway!

Ran 1.75 miles on the Wii Fit. 11,000+ pedometer steps.

Nothing but 2 cups of black coffee. Got busy at work and all of a sudden it was after 11am and time for lunch.

Dan McGuinness, a local Irish pub. The rest of the table had fish and chips, which I'll admit looked good. But I had one of the best salads I ever had in my life, with vingarette dressing. It was kind of like a Cobb salad but without all the deli meats, instead it was topped with grilled marinated chicken. I'm glad it was really good, as it cost over $10! Big glass of water.

The wife made up our new found lowfat Philly Cheesteak recipe, which is really good and we had a side of sweet potato fries, also very good. Big glass of water.

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar. 10-12 Reduced Fat Wheat Thins. A few spoonfuls of 1/2 fat Moose Tracks ice cream. About 1/2 a slice of frozen pizza our son had made around the time I got home.


  1. Good for you Matt for recognizing the behavior so that you can curb it the next time. That's progress!! :)

  2. I think you did great. You saw the behavior. Most people don't change, because they don't recognize little signs like that. Great job!!!

  3. Recognizing it is step 1. Working on changing it it is step 2-100 :) You're getting there.