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Friday, February 12, 2010

Edge Of Darkness

Thoughts for today
Short entry because we are going out soon with some friends for dinner and to see Edge of Darkness. Will give my movie review and fill in the rest of my food log tomorrow. As I have started to develop a steady group of blogger friends, I've noticed my topics of discussion slowly branching out into other areas of life beyond strictly talking about weight loss and food intake, which is cool. I though I don't "know" any of you, I feel like I do sometimes. Have a good weekend and will catch up with y'all tomorrow.

7000+ pedometer steps, didn't meet 10,000 cause spent a lot a time with friends.

A Java apple and 2 cups of black coffee.

Met the wife and a friend at Otter's for salad topped with 3 buffalo chicken tenders (fried). I probably should have gone with grilled chicken on the salad instead, but I figured it was kind of a compromise between what I I've had there in the past - combo platter of buffalo tenders, fries, and a side of fried pickles. Plus I barely ate any of the balsamic vinegarette dressing because the buffalo sauce gave the salad such a good flavor.

Chop House for a burger with red beans and rice. Have to admit it was nice to eat a good thick burger on a big kaiser type roll. Cup of black coffee and glass of water.

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar.


  1. I bought a Fiber One muffin mix today at the store thanks to see it on you blog. So..thanks for the breakfast idea :)

  2. Isn't it strange to have all these friends you've never really met? But isn't it wonderful how we all offer our support? I love it!

  3. Hope you have a fun dinner and the movie is good.

  4. I hope you have a good, healthy and satifying dinner :o)
    I want to know what that movie is like too. And i'm still waiting for that zucchinni chips recipe :oÞ

  5. I think Hope you have a fun dinner and the movie is good.

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