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Monday, February 1, 2010

Pedometer Has Arrived

Thoughts for today
Today by pedometer for the corporate wellness program my company recently started arrived in the mail. I've got the software setup and the pedometer is up and going. You hook up the pedometer to your computer at the end of the day and download your steps, and the goal is to do 7000 steps a day which is about 3 miles. When I get enough 7000 step days, I start earning $$, so maybe this will get me exercising more. Will let y'all know how it goes.

Getting started with the pedometer took the place of any regular exercise. I taken a big 171 steps so far, LOL.

100 calorie "alternative" bagel from Publix with a little bit of cream cheese. 2 cups of black coffee.

Chicken Nick's. 3 Chicken Tenders with very HOT buffalo sauce to dip the tenders. Side salad with a little vinegarette. The tenders were fried  so not the healthiest lunch, but what the heck I only had 3. Glass of water.

Leftover Chinese takeout from yesterday. Chicken with Garlic sauce and won ton soup. We were low on leftover rice so the wife made some brown rice, and sauteed some fresh cabbage, garlic, and green onion  and added it all to the mix. It was actually quite good. 2 glasses of water and a Bud Lite.

10-12 Reduced Fat Wheat Thins.


  1. Oooh, I want to get a pedometer. I have no idea how many (or how few) steps I take a day. It'd be a good eye opener. Must remember to check into that!

  2. The earning money part really sounds good. Who won't walk an extra few steps for that?? Good luck with it.

  3. I wish someone would pay me to walk! haha.. Very cool about the pedometer. I think that will motivate you a lot!

  4. Ok I have to ask...what's an "alternative" bagel?

    I love my pedometer, its amazing how you start to have these little competitions with yourself to get a higher number.

  5. What in the hell is an alternative bagel? lol Glad you finally got the is always a great motivator. :) And I am just going to have to beat you if you keep posting about Chinese food. When I totally lose it and order take-out I'm blaming you, lol.

  6. Ruth - I'm already liking the pedometer and today's my first full day using it. The target is to get at least 7000 steps in in day to adance to higher levels. This encourages you do do things like park on the far end of the lot at work, use the steps instead of the elevator, or just take a quick walk arund the block to pick up extra steps towards the 7000.

    Lisa - Yeah $ always helps, its up to $500 a year which ain't bad.

    Amelia, I think you're right. I blog at night so y'all are my evening motivation, I think the pedometer will fill in nicely during the day.

    Enz - yeah I'm starting with the 7000 goal, which earns you a certian amount of miles. But to really achieve the higher levels, you have to step it up (pun intended) to 12000 and even 20000 steps a day. As far as alternatvie bagel, I still don't know what it means, but it looks like a bagel and tastes like one too, so I'll go with it.

    Tammy - LOL on the Chinese food threat, want me to refer to it as Asian food from now on, will that help?!? Really I think it can be healthy if you order the right things. Enz wanted to know about the bagel too and really I don't know what it means still!

  7. I really love my pedometer, its amazing how you start to have these little competitions with yourself to get a higher number.
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