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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mini Plateau and a New Plan

Thoughts for today
I've hit at least a mini plateau, haven't lost much weight at all in February even though I've been exercising and eating decently. So I want to try something different. I've been eating out way too much because we've had a lot going on, we're empty nesters, and it's just been easier to go out than prepare meals the past few weeks. But I'm thinking I might see different results if I go a week where lunch is the only meal I eat out, and I and keep up the exercise and water consumption. Will save some money too! That's about all I got for tonight. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Good night y'all.

Ran 20 minutes on the Wii Fit again and will be over 12,000 steps by night's end. Going to make the 20 minute run my new routine after I get home from work each day.

Oats and Chocolate Fiber One bar. 2 cups of black coffee.

Went with the wife and two co-workers to Otter's for garden salad with two buffalo tenders and a big glass of water.

The wife and I went to the neighborhood Mexican place for Chicken and Shrimp Fajitas. Did not eat any tortilla shells, sour cream, or guac. I actually like having fajitas that way, as long as I squeeze lemon juice all over everything. Just a little bit of rice and beans, and only a few chips and salsa. 2 bottles of Michelob Ultra Lite.

8 Whoppers (malted milk balls). Oats and Chocolate Fiber One Bar.


  1. Definitely eating out is higher in calories and sodium. Just the sodium would keep you from showing a loss at the scale. The thing about eating out is that no matter what you ask for to be made "special" you really don't know whats in the food or how it was cooked. No control makes it hard to know how many calories you're eating.

    And saving money is always a bonus. Last year when we stopped eating out 2-3 x a week, we took the money we would have spent and put it into a jar and then used the money at the end of the year to buy extra special Christmas presents. It's amazing how fast it added up.

  2. When I first read 8 whoppers I almost yelled out loud. Thank goodness it was only the candy!

  3. Haha! Thought the same thing about the Whoppers as Bowmanh23 :) I agree with Enz, eating out is hard when you can't control what or how they cook.

  4. What about making meals in bulk? We have mince and pasta and i throw lots of good stuff in. But i make way too much and freeze small portions. Then i heat them up for breakfast or lunches and add ratatoule. We do the same with meatballs and then just make spagetti as we need it. Curried snags etc..anything freezable.

    For the platau, try counting calories [i use] When i hit my first platau this year, i didn't understand why. I was exercising and eating awesomely. But someone suggested counting calories for a few days just to see if i was around my recommended mark and i was floored at how much i was over eating! Now i won't go without counting calories!

  5. I find that the excess sodium you get from eating out is substantial and that can really affect weight. I have been eating a few too many meals away from home this week too - time for me to get back to better planning!

  6. I bet you would.

    I like Cactus Freek's idea about bulk. We freeze rice, meat, prepared black beans and then just pull out our prepared lettuce and pico de gallo and have a YUMMY dinner in 5 min. Or, we freeze roast portions and steam some veggies in the microwave. Of course that's IF we remember to pull them out of the freezer in the morning.

    Also, 266 is right about the sodium @ restaurants.

  7. For some reason when I eat out I always gain weight the next day. I think they secretly slip "gain weight pills" into their food no matter how healthy it may seem. I bet if you reduce the eating out you will definitely see results!

  8. I agree with cutting down on eating out. And shake up the exercise routine.

  9. Dude....did I ever tell you about when I went out to the sports bar with Dwayne, watched him wolf down a whole rack of bbq ribs and a ton of fries, while I made the "good" choice by getting a grilled mahi sandwich, cut it in half and threw the other half away, and only ate 5 fries with it...5. I was 230.0 that morning, the morning after my 1/2 grilled fish sandwich and 5 fries??? 237.0. A 7 lb gain overnight!!! Cutting out a lot of the restaurant food is a fantastic way to find out just how bad sodium is affecting your weight loss. Good for you! :)

  10. LOL, y'all have been going crazy about the Whoppers thing this week. The wife and I have been laughing like crazy about the confusion and humor it created. Thank y'all for all the great comments!