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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Was Already Beautiful and Didn't Know It!

Thoughts for Today
Short post today - getting ready to head to O'Charleys to have a few drinks with some friends. But before I go, gotta give a big shout out to my buddy Enz who had given me the Beautiful Blogger award back in January. At that time, I had just started blogging, and I don't think I even saw it or knew what these awards meant. But now that I've been at it awhile I realize it means people are enjoying reading your blog, and I definitely appreciate that a lot. I really get a lot out of reading your blogs too. Again, I don't have time to fulfill my "Beautiful Blogger" obligations, but I'll really try to get to it soon. Good night y'all!

The wife dragged me around a lot of different stores today, 11,000+ steps worth. No Wii Fit necessary tonight.

Bowl of Shredded Wheat with a few Multi Grain Cheerios sprinkled on top to give some flavor to the hay-like qualities of the Shredded Wheat. 2 cups of black coffee.

Chik-a-Fila sandwich on wheat with a side salad and a Diet Coke. Just a little bot of balsamic vinegarette dressing on the salad.

Pan-fried chicken with panko bread crumbs, peas, and corn. Reasonable portion of all.

About 10 natural almonds. Because we were celebrating a birthday today, I had a small piece of homeade devil's food cake wth vanilla frosting. Also, one of those Fudgesicles that's the size of a popsicle.


  1. Sounds like you had a good day, Matt. Hope you are having a good time at O'Charleys...

  2. lmao...hay-like. Dude, I've never been able to swallow those hay biscuits. Blech. I have a box in my cabinet though because I still keep trying. Never give up! :)

  3. So, I made the Fiber one muffins. My husband says...what are you baking...that smells great...

    They were good. My boys ate some too and didn't know they were "healthy". I'm a muffin lover, so this is a good treat for me!!

  4. If you get the vitatops, heat them up in the microwave..its makes them even better.

    They sell them in the freezer section. 100 calories a piece and a ton of fiber...