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Friday, February 26, 2010

Gimme Some Blogger Strength

Thoughts for Today
We're heading to Knoxville tomorrow morning to visit friends and family, and of course I look forward to seeing everyone, but I definitely find myself thinking a lot of the places we used to love to eat when we lived there. One place in particular, Naples, an good old 1950s-60s era family style Italian restaurant is really stuck in my head, and there's nothing healthy about it. This is the kind of weekend that has thrown me off the wagon in the past, but it won't this time, regardless of what the scale says when we return. So, folks, gimme some blogger strength to eat in moderation this weekend, even if I splurge a bit.

Going to run 20 minutes on the Wii Fit after this post, will exceed 10,000 pedometer steps by end of day.

A banana. 2 cups of black coffee.

Grabbed a quick Chick-A-Fila sandwich on wheat and a side salad with a little bit of the berry vinegarette dressing. No croutons. Big glass of water.

About a 6 oz. grilled Sirloin steak and fresh mushrooms marinated in Moore's with broccoli (Bird's Eye Steamer) and roasted redskin potatoes with sea salt and cracked black pepper. All portions fit neatly into the sections of a kiddie tray.

A 2 oz cup of Weight Watchers Chocolate Brownie ice cream. A Fuji apple. About 4 malted milk balls (Whoppers) and a few Baked Tostitos with Herdez salsa. 1 girl scout cookie (Samoan).


  1. Hugs and love - you know you can go to your Italian place - just share an entree with "the wife" or leave half on your plate.

    You CAN do it and you will come home and just continue on like your NEW normal.


  2. My partner is half Italian (his mum's family is from Naples!) and I LOVE Italian food... :o( If we do go to an Italian restuarant, I love Insalata Tricolore as a starter and any past with a tomato-based sauce for main. Tiramisu is my downfall - have to avoid it completely!

  3. Yeah, Patsy's idea sounds like a good option.

    If it's driving you as crazy as it sounds like you are, then I think I would splurge a little. When I deny myself something that's really nostalgic/homesick/special to me I end up messing up for a few days after. Because I'm a spoiled brat like that sometimes.

    Do whatever you think will work best. I'll be back later.

  4. You can do it! You know what the danger points are, so you can mentaly prepare yourself and come up with a plan.
    And yea, Patsys comment was helpful. Isn't she clever! :o)

  5. Oh go to your favorite restaurant. Have your favorite dish. Just don't have 10 of your favorite dishes. You can do it.

    Enjoy Knox! My fav place there is the Chop House.

  6. Weight Watchers has chocolate brownie ice cream???? Oh, wait, back to'll do just fine this weekend!! Vacations are for indulging a little...just don't go full-tilt idiotic on us. ;)