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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Expect My Junk Food to Deliver

Thoughts for today
I normally don't have 2+ slices of the good fatty pizza anymore at one sitting, usually more like a slice and a salad. But today I had to run an errand to the mall with my son and it turned out Sbarro's was having a $9.99 for any pizza special, so needless to say I went for it. Growing up, I always loved Sbarro's pizza and it looked so good today behind the glass windows, so a fresh hot pepperoni pie sounded great. But it just wasn't the way I remember it. Wasn't bad, but tasted more like a decent frozen pizza than the great New York style slices of my youth.

Since starting this journey on New Year's Day, it's always disappointing on the occassions when I take the plunge and eat some junk which doesn't end up satisfying my craving. I expect that out of healthy food sometimes, but I always expect my junk food to deliver the goods, and today it didn't.

It took a 10 minute run on Wii Fit and about a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood, but I got my 10,000+ pedometer steps.

Wife cooked up a small omelet which hit the spot..2 cups of black coffee.

Two slices of pepperoni at Sbarro's. Diet Pepsi.

Asian food takeout. Chicken with garlic sauce, steamed rice, and a couple won tons from the soup. All portions fit neatly in the sections of my penitentiary style tray.

Small 6 oz cup of WW chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, which was really good. Not diety tasting at all. 10-15 Reduced fat Wheat thins. 1 piece of Russell Stover Valentine's candy, a molassess chew and it was great.


  1. I sat at a table in the French Bakery and sipped an espresso while my friends ordered sandwiches. Our table was right in front of the display case and everything in it looked amazing. I imagined what it would be like to devour them one by one and managed to convince myself that they looked so much better than they tasted and that if I had even one I would hate myself after. So I ate the tiny little biscotti they put on the side of my coffee cup and was happy. Happy Valentine's Day! Be good to yourself today.

  2. I remember how incredibly sinful and tasty that Sbarro pizza looks behind the glass. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves that it just doesn't taste as great as it looks. I eat a McDonald's Big Mac about once a year to remind myself of how bad they really do suck. :)

  3. Sbarro was the place to eat when I was a teen. As soon as I read..."Sbarro"...I'm drooling on my computer keys :)

    It's funny how we work things up to be so delicious in our minds and then we eat it and it's not that great. I've done the same thing. It will be interesting to see over the next couple weeks when I start sampling my previous "binge favorites", if some of them are not what I thought....

    By the way, thanks for all your comments on my blog. I appreciate it.