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Friday, February 5, 2010

Go You Chicken Fat Go

Thoughts for today
Running on the Wii Fit, or running on real roads for that matter, is boring to me without having some kind of distraction like music. My son saw me running to some old Loverboy songs on Wii Fit, and decided that wasn't good enough, so he started digging out all kinds of cheesy inspirational 80's songs like the Rocky Theme and Your The Voice. I have to admit it made the running go a lot faster, and it always makes me laugh how today's generation seems to know all the 80's songs as much and I do. All this 80s music made me flashback even further to the 1970s, more specifically to gym class in the 1970's. I remembered there was this God-awful song the gym teacher used to make us listen do while we did jumping jacks and sit ups and such and it went something like "Go You Chicken Fat Go." Of course one quick search on the internet turned it up instantly. Were any of you (see link below) subjected to this nonsense?

Go You Chicken Fat Go

9000 steps so far. Two running sessions on the Wii. The second run clocked in at almost 2 miles!

Honeycrisp apple. 2 cups of black coffee.

Greek food. Chicken platter. Ate only 1/2 the rice and half the pita bread. Vinegarette dressing on the salad.

KFC, that's right KFC. 1 Chicken Breast (Original), side of mashed potatoes with no gravy or butter. Traded half the biscuit for one of my wife's grilled chciken wings, which was pretty good. Granted KFC isn't diet food, but this isn't a diet it's a life change, and if this were the old me (a few weeks ago), I would have gone for the buffet probably and ate who knows how many cals.

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate fiber bar. 20 Reduced Fat Wheat Thins.


  1. You got it. KFC once and awhile isn't going to kill you.

  2. That chicken song is dreadful!!! Some gym teacher.

    Although I went to a strict private school, so music was not allowed at all.

    I love working out to the 80's. I have tons of it on my ipod. It really helps make the workout more fun.

  3. I don't have a sound card so i can't listen to that song :o/ I'll have to wait till my hubby has finished on his computer [he's playing world of warcraft so that'll be around a week] and i'll listen to it on his.
    I put fast paced/dance music on my iPod for when i exercise. It puts a spring in my step. Like Black Betty [Spiderbait version] is impossible to walk slow to!

  4. There's nothing like music to make that workout easier - but I'd skip the chicken fat song!