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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

10,000 Steps!

Thoughts for today
I'm liking the pedometer so far. The goal is to hit at least 7000 steps a day. You pick up a surprising amount of steps (about 100) for doing little things just like walking to the rest room and back at work. I purposefully parked further away from my building than normal, and we did some extra walking at lunch so I'd stay on track for the 7000. Ended up with 10,000+, which I thought was a good start. Yes, this means that now you'll have to listen to me carry on about how many steps I took from now on!

Ran about 1.75 miles on the Wii Fit, of course I was wearing the pedometer while I did the run so I'd get credit the the steps!

Active Lifestyle Oats and Chocolate fiber bar. 2 cups of black coffee.

Met the wife for Subway. Roasted Chicken on wheat with green peppers, lettuce, black olives, tomato, jalapeno, parm cheese, oil, and vinegar with BBQ Baked Lays and Diet Coke.

Our oldest daughter made some pintos and cornbread. Had a decent sized bowl. The cornbread got a little burned on the bottom but still good. 2 glasses of water.

10-12 Reduced Fat Wheat Thins with a slice of Reduced Sodium Boar's Head ham. A couple frozen chocolate covered macadamia nuts.


  1. Yea for 10,000 steps! that is awesome!

  2. Yay! I've been wanting to get a pedometer but I wasn't sure if it would actually count the steps accurately. Sounds like yours does a pretty good job. Good for you!

  3. 10,000 steps is awesome. Great job.

  4. The comapny I work for did a 10,000 steps a day program a couple years back. I started parking as far away from the building as I could. I still do it to this day and now I park as far away as possible just about everywhere I go!

    - Fogdog Weight Loss

  5. No, no. I LOVE to hear people stoked about something. I hear my husband talk about the new heavenly manna filled internet coming our way soon to a town near you. I have no idea exactly what he's talking about but I do know that excitement is sort of like a pique.

    I do the same thing to my husband. I tell him obsessively about how many hundredths of a mile I went farther than yesterday before the bell rang. He thinks it's awesome too-but just because it's me.

    So to continue into the epilogue of the novel-I love you telling us your steps and how you got more steps. Because even without a monitor, I'm gonna hear Matt in my head in every parking lot.