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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Next Week is War on Salt Week

Thoughts for today
Well the response from you guys was overwhelming in favor of cutting way down on the eating out to get past this possible salt plateau, so I will try that approach for the duration  of next week. I probably will still get some lunches out at work because I like getting out of the office for a while during the day, but I'll try to be more salt-aware even at lunch. Probably won't go out to dinner at all next week and will keep the salt in mind for the meals we make at home. So far this year I've paid no attention to salt, but I think it's time. Thank you all for the great feedback, I really appreciate it!

A silly side note. One other reason that I am not big on eating lunch at work is because I'm not that into putting stuff into community fridges. At a place I previously worked, someone was swiping parts of other people's lunches and on some occasions even grabbing the meat out of their sandwiches.  Is that nasty or what?!?

Ran 20 minutes on the Wii Fit again for the third night straight. Might even run another 10 minutes after this post. In either case, should reach well over 10,000 steps by night's end.

Bowl of Multi Grain Cheerios. 2 cups of black coffee.

Subway. Roasted Chicken sandwich, toasted with all the vegetables, spices, and vinegar. Baked Lays Chips (Southwestern). Diet coke.

Asian food at the neighborhood  place. Bento Box. Ate only about 2/3 the Kung Po shrimp, 1/2 the yellow rice, and 1/2 of a killer good eggroll. Also tried a sushi roll I had never in my life heard of - the Mango Chicken roll and it was excellent. Water and hot green tea (no sweeteners).

Oats and Chocolate Fiber One Bar.


  1. It's really amazing how restaurants hide all that sodium in their food. I think what your planning to do is a great plan and should show well on the scale.

  2. Good luck. Salt is harder for me to give up than sugar!

  3. I need to have a war on salt week. I just ate light popcorn in the snack bag size, but I put so much salt on it. I know it is affecting my weight.

  4. Sodium is a weight loss killer. You should show some progress after this week! :)

  5. FYI you will be featured in a link tonight at 10:00PM on my blog. Prepare for the onslaught of new fans. Oh, wait. Prepare to know I admire what you're doing!

  6. Nicole, Bought, Bowman, Tammy, and Enz:
    Thanks for the War on Salt support. I'm counting on you to keep me in check next week because I admit I love my salty foods and I think it's gonna be the toughest week thus far.

    Journey: I can't wait to see my "featured" link!

  7. Hello one of my favourite commoners :)

    Oh wait, Journey is going to make you famous too..well I can say I knew you when we were both commoners :)