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Monday, April 5, 2010

Work Got Me Back on Track

Thoughts for Today
As y'all who read my blog know, I haven't been doing well with weight loss since mid last week. Today I was in an all day meeting with a big carton of Panera sandwiches provided for lunch. Unfortunately, all the sandwiches already had mayo on them, which I don't care for, so I just had salad, bread, and a small bag of chips and managed to be full enough. So what could have been a heavy lunch wound up a light lunch, even if it wasn't my choice. Also, before this all day meeting, I had (sure enough) another meeting to attend in a building about 1/2 mile away. Normally I would have driven over, but I happened to bump into a co-worker walking over and decided to walk as well. So when I got from form work, I already had almost all the pedometer steps I need for the day, as opposed to the norm of having to hop on the Wii Fit and run.

Grading myself a B+ for the day as eating was good, plenty of water, enough exercise, and just for having a decent day finally. Good night y'all!

Will hit 10,000+ pedometer steps by the time day is over.
Kellog's Dark Chocolate and Almond Fiber Bar. 2 cups of black coffee.

Panera - Garden salad with vinegarette dressing. Small piece of baguette  Small bag of potato chips. Water.

Reasonable portion of Easter leftovers. Ham, green beans, pinto beans and onion. Water.

Kellog's Dark Chocolate and Almond Fiber Bar. 2 cups of black coffee. A Girl Scout Cookie (Samoan). About 40-50 small gourmet jelly beans.


  1. WooT Matt.

    Welcome to awesomesauce Don't tell Steve @ 265 and falling. That's his TM.

    You're doing it!

  2. Pinto beans and onion...a Southern boy!! (and that better have been a VIDALIA onion mister!) lol

    OMG you should totally go read the comment I left on Sean's last post about the vegetables that my Georgia relatives like to deep fry, lol.

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately...been missing you babe!! Just been engulfed with this challenge I'm hosting...trying to write every single bite, lick and taste down...taking all my pics...posting whether I'm too tired or not...but I'm still here for you!! :)

  3. As Bill Murray said briefly on Groundhog Day..."That was a pretty good day...why couldn't I get that day over and over..."

  4. Full enough. Good words to live by.