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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tax Man

Short post tonight because it's been a long day. After a full day at work, hit Kroger for a few groceries, then came home and let the dogs out, picked up my lawnmower from the shop, finished up some tax stuff, made spaghetti for dinner, and did some jump roping with the wife.

Grading today a C- because I didn't hit my 10,000 pedometer steps, ordered sushi buffet for lunch instead of a few rolls and then didn't follow it up with the light dinner I should have. But what the hell, it was a busy day with taxes and all and I can't always do right. Glad that I'm posting about it though, so at least in my mind I know today was a C- and to strive to not repeat the same grade or worse tomorrow. The sushi place was really cool by the way. It was not a traditional buffet. Instead it was one of those where the sushi goes around the entire place on a conveyor belt in little dishes covered with transparent plastic and when you like one goes by your table, you grab it. And grab we did! Not a place I'll go too often because I eat too much, but it was a lot of fun.

Good night y'all!


  1. Any way to cope with taxes is perfectly cromulent! :o)

  2. Not every day is a great one....just make the next one better! I mailed my taxes off yesterday, too. Glad that shit is over with, lol.

  3. That place sounds fun. My food philosophy is similar to yours-I live in the real world and you can't totally avoid all food, you just can't use it as a crutch or reward system.

    I like your simple exercise philosophy as well.

  4. Taxes = conveyor belt eating :) Or...hold the redi whip above mouth, tilt head back, and squeeze!!

  5. I'm not sure why i allowed myself to laugh when you typed -- "came home and let the dogs out".

    we all have days like this.