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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mule Day

Thoughts for Today
Grading myself a C+ today. Lunch was obviously not healthy, but hey, when at the fair my opinion is eat fair food. Grade was pulled down a bit from an overall salty day, which I'm trying to avoid. But plenty of water and plenty of exercise, so a good old mediocre C+ is about right.

Walked a lot at MuleDay and did 500 jump ropes for 12,000+ steps..

Egg McMuffin and one bite of hashbrown. 2 cups of black coffee.

I don't know that it can be called lunch. Family outing to Mule Day, which is basically a huge county fair, except that thousands of mules and people from around the country show up for mule parades and lots of other mule activities. Things started OK, an ear of roasted corn, dipped in some butter like stuff but I'm OK with that so far. Then the girls hit the restroom, and my duties were to watch over the stuff, which included drinks and of course funnel cake, basically leaving the fox to guard the henhouse. I bet I ate half of it, and dang was it good. I shouldn't have, but I consider it one of those foods where all bets are off, hungry or not. Other samplings included a bite or two of a hotdog, some lemonade, and few handfuls of cotton candy.

Captain D's for a grilled salmon salad with Fat Free Italian, which I think was a nice recovery from lunch. Black coffee.

Kellog's Dark Chocolate Chip Fiber Bar. 4-6 Reduced Fat Triscuits. About 15-20 small gourmet jelly beans. An apple.


  1. Mule i've heard everything!

  2. I think you did very well for a fair, I think it is mandatory to eat funnel cake.