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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tale of Two Dinners

Thoughts for Today
I haven't been keeping up with you guys' blogs well lately, have barely found time to do my own posts. But I do appreciate all the comments and new followers and promise to catch up with y'all soon.

Today I did something kind of stupid. I came home from work late and was hungry and had a big bowl of Raisin Bran. Wife was late getting home too and called on her way home with that "I wanna go out to eat" sound in her voice. I didn't wanna admit I was basically full already and so I agreed to go to Chinese, thinking that I could just eat a little and take the rest home. Well we went in the Chinese place and it was just blazing hot in there for some reason and so we ended up at the Japanese place next door. I looked for something small to order, but sushi was all I could really find. I don't consider sushi to be very leftover friendly food, so ended up eating all but 2 rolls and feeling like crap afterwards because I basically ate 2 dinners.

Grading myself an D- today as a result of all this dumb behavior. Also because when I pulled it in the driveway, I was going to run on the Wii Fit to make sure I hit my 10,000 steps and ended up goofing around watching TV too long to do it. There was no good excuse not to run 20 minutes, Not too mention too much overall eating and too much salt.

Feels better to at least document the silliness here on the blog, and strive not to repeat it. Good night y'all!

Wife and I took a walk, but it wasn't enough 10,000 steps. Spent far too much time sitting in a conference room today to get enough steps.

Kellog's Dark Chocolate and Almond Fiber Bar. 2 cups of black coffee.

Cheeseburger Charlie's for a 1/3 lb burger with letuuce, pico, onion, and BBQ sauce. Ate 1/2 the order of fries, Diet Pepsi.

Japanese - Philadelphia Roll and Salmon Skin roll. Used low sodium soy.

Kellog's Dark Chocolate and Almond Fiber Bar. Big bowl of Raisin Bran. 4-5 malted milk balls (Whoppers). The carton of Whoppers from Valentines Day is finally gone.

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  1. Oh look, my long lost twin! I've found you...boy have I been in that little situation more than I care to admit. I wrote a post some time back called Two Much of a Good Thing which also was a sushi night out. Sushi is an awesome choice and I could have had at least one roll less than I ordered. While I was eating healthy food, I still wasn't making a good choice because it still was my food addicted behavior shining through.

    I've had MANY better days will you.