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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Exit Away

We found a great little country restaurant only one exit down the interstate from our house. It's been there for a long time, but we hardly ever go that direction down the interstate because it is sort of headed the opposite direction of most places we go. I'm glad we checked it out though because I really like going to non-chain places with great food and it seems like those places are getting fewer and farther between.

Anyway, I had the Tuesday special: fried cod, whipped potatoes (no gravy), and green beans. The waitress apologized afterwards because they only give you one piece of fish and she felt bad for not warning me beforehand that it wouldn't be enough food, but I assured was plenty and really it was. Not that I couldn't have eaten 3 or 4 pieces, but the smaller portion sure played into my goal of moderation. And I didn't feel bad for having it because my meals up to that point consisted of a bowl of Raisin Bran, a bowl of oatmeal, and a 100 cal bag of yogurt covered pretzels. Also, hit 12,000+ steps and had a fair amount of water. Graidng today an A-, good night y'all!


  1. Yogurt covered pretzels?!? That sounds hidious!
    Today sounds awesome, good on you. It is nice finding those little places. Was it reasonably priced?

  2. Mmm. I loove yogurt covered pretzels. But that's okay CactusFreek, I hate vegimite. Glad you had good local food! i love when that happens.

  3. When I moved to San Francisco some time ago (nope...I'm back in St. louis, sigh), I think I made it nine months before going to a single chain restaurant.

    I think it is great to patronize the sole proprietors too.

    Hopefully they'll never go buffet!

  4. those smaller hole in the wall cafes have some of the best food! Maybe it's just me but i think they try harder -- they know they have to compete somehow with all of the larger chains.

    Not sure about the fried part but the meal sounded really good.

  5. Those little places have the best food!

  6. Oh I love places like that! Love me some yogurt-covered pretzels too...mmmmmm. Great job today! :)