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Friday, April 9, 2010


Was just preparing coffee for tomorrow when BAM I got stung by a wasp/hornet. Damn did that hurt! Luckily wife immediately pulled out a tube of anti-sting lotion and it worked like a charm, yeah she's got one of everything...

Anyway, got back on the jump roping thing today, and upped it to 500 jumps. Wife was reading that the best way to do it to maximize calorie burning is to walk around between repetitions of 50 or so to keep up the heart rate. Tried it that way it it worked pretty well. I felt less wore out afterwards. Gonna try alternating jump roping and running every other day so I don't get bored, which happens easily.

Grading today another A-. Yeah I had a Jersey Mike's Turkey and Provolone sandwich (not the best) for lunch but the rest of the day's eating was good, had plenty of water, and hit 12,000+ steps. Also tried a small serving of sugarless chocolate bar that was surprisingly good. Hope y'all are having a great weekend.


  1. Woo on the A- and working out a better skipping routine!

  2. Ouch-we wives are always prepared. =)

    I believe we live a real life and you're going to eat real food. It's unrealistic to think you can always avoid it. IMO