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Monday, April 19, 2010


Thanks everyone for the compliments yesterday, it just sort of hit me yesterday what a big change in me that whole eat in moderation thing represents. I noticed another one case of this tonight. I ended up eating real light for breakfast and lunch, so my wife and and I went to Moe's for dinner and I had the grilled chicken bowl, fairly healthy. But the big thing is this: when I was done eating, I noticed that my wife only ate about half of her chicken fajitas. In the past, this would have meant instant annihilation, Imperial Stormtrooper style, courtesy of Matt. And I'm not saying the urge wasn't there at all, but I was already full, I took one little bite of chicken and that was the end of the raid.

Grading today a B+ for eating well enough, drinking lots of water, and for not raiding the leftovers. By the way, I've departed from the "food log" approach in every blog post. I still will talk about what I eat, but I was finding there were nights when I didn't feel like posting because listing every food item eaten felt like a chore, like an assignment. So it's freestyle, from here on out, unless I find I need to go back to the food log for accountability.

Good night y'all.


  1. Great job!

    My dad had two questions at the dinner table:
    1) Kyle (each family member asked in turn)...did you want any more (mom always made like 10 servings for 4 people...ack)
    2)To my mom..."Honey, will this food keep?"

    So, if the "growing boys" didn't eat it and my mom basically indicated that the food would hit the pitch pile, my dad would just simply eat it.

    He was never a FAT man, but did have bypass surgery in his 50s...who knows what kind of message the "leftovers are bad" umkay really had on us boys...I wonder, to whatever degree, we felt we needed to eat the extra servings so my dad didn't summarily force himself to keep the food from the garbage. Of course, there was no way to control my mom's portion control...Jewish family...everyone had to be FULL!

    Sorry for the long comment, but there is sometimes a big set of issues that can go behind the willingness to either see food turned to leftovers or into the trash bin.

    Keep up your journey!

  2. Good job on the self control!

    Tip- Play devils advocate and try to talk yourself in to something. Then make sure you are prepared to answer everything that voice throws at you. From how tasty it would be, to how it wouldnt effect you that much, to how youve earned it. practice at it :)

    If you need motivation, stop by my blog Fitness Achievement

  3. Great job on the chicken! I'm terrible at picking at my kids leftovers :o/

  4. I know what you mean with the annihilation. I actually usually order a smaller meal and my wife will get the normal b/c she knows how to stop when she is full...and if I'm still hungry after the smaller meal..I'll eat some of hers that she has left over. We always have left overs.

  5. I really struggle with moderation sometimes... going back for seconds or thirds, hungry or not, just because I like how it tastes. It sounds like you passed the test, though!

  6. You should have given yourself an A+ for today babe!!! And OMG Stormtroopers!!!! Are you a Star Wars freak like I am? lol