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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hands Haven't Bought in

Past couple weeks my shoulder blade started aching for whatever reason. Just felt tense and knotted and kept getting worse. I had tried every kind of fiery cream stuff you can put on your back sold when my wife finally happened to run across a nurse at the grocery store who recommended taking 4 ibuprofen at a time to kill off the inflammation. Sounded like a ton of pills to me but I took them and and between that and ice packs it sure has helped. Hopefully I am on the tail end of this now, I haven't been in a mood much for blogging since this started.

Pretty much have kept an even keel on the weight loss front. Not much progress. Eating has been a mixed bag. Honestly I'm still having trouble fully recommitting to my #1 principle that led to so much success in 2010 and that is simply ONLY EAT WHEN ACTUALLY HUNGRY. My head and heart are committed to the principle but my hands that grab up the food for no other reason than its there have apparently not bought in 100% yet.

I have not been binging or anything like that, just haven't been doing my best. I will get there though.


  1. Matt, I use an app on my cell to track my foods, although I really hated food logs in the past, it's become 2nd nature to me now. Sometimes just having to put the calories in a food is enough to change my mind ;-)

  2. Oh I'm hearing you!!! I look down, how the hell did that cupcake get into my hands?! :-) All a matter of keep on keeping on!

  3. Hey dude!

    I just got an app on my phone that helps me track, and gives me a ping if I forget a meal. Good t hear from ya, and that you're keeping keeping on.

  4. Tracking sux at first, but you get the hang of it quickly.
    Look after that shoulder :o)