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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paranormal Activity 2

Watched Paranormal Activity 2 tonight and I'm really impressed with both films in the series. They lack the glitz, big name movie stars, and special effects we have come to expect in succcessful films thes days, but both make you feel jittery and keep you on edge almost the whole time. I can't really explain why the films work so well, but somehow simple things like a shot of an absolutely still swimming pool at night or someone standing in the same place for 3 hours manage to be really unnerving in the way they are presented. I grew up on the over-the-top horror movies of the 80s like the Nightmare on Elm Street series and I still love all those old classics, but there is something just really inspiring to me about the hard-hitting effectiveness that the low-budget simplicity of the Paranormal series delivers.

You might ask, how does any of this relate to a weight loss blog? Well, I think that the same simplicity that the Paranormal series uses so effectively can be applied to helping us achieve our goals as well. As a country, we spend millions (if not billions) of dollars a year on fancy weight loss programs, personal trainers, gym memberships, exercise equipment, pre-packaged diet food delivery services, mobile device apps, books, magazines, and 1000 other things that fall into this category. And all these things are great if they work for you.

I guess I'm just saying that when you distill down to the core all those things we spend so much time, effort, and money down, you are left with basically a few principles: staying as active as you can, not eating beyond your actual level of hunger, and making sure what you do eat somewhat resembles a decent balance of the food groups. So those of us who don't have the time, money, or inclination to pour ourselves in all these "program" type things can still succeed brilliantly if we stick to the basics like Paranormal Activity 1 & 2 did.

Good night all.


  1. We also love both movies. We seen the first in the theater. It was best in the theater. I watched it at home with my mom and she did not like it at all. My husband liked the second one so well that at one point he was saying ok now at this point we are going to have to stop this one and start this one.. YOU know what I am talking about! But I do get what you are talking about when it comes to simplicity! That is what i went back to and it worked for me. The first time ever that any program has worked and it was my own!

  2. Hey you...long time no "see"...hope you are doing well and still racking up the steps!!!

  3. I agree. It is very simple. It's just people trying to sell thier products that make it look complicated. Or that loosing weight is complicated and thier product simplifies it. All those TV adds pile up in the backburner of our brain and after a while we see it as complicated when it's not.
    I liked the first PA movie but there's no way i would have seen it at the movies! Same with PA2. It's 'safer' on DVD lol
    What makes those movies work so well is the power of suggestion :o)
    What did you think of the new Elm St? John and i went to see it but we were a bit dissapointed that they pretty much made it a carbon copy of the first. No new effects or anything. The new Freddy didn't cut it very well either [if you'll excuse the pun]