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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Black Coffee

I have to work this afternoon/tonight, so I'm posting early today while I sip a cup of black coffee and I got to thinking about coffee. One thing I started up in early 2010 and have actually stuck to consistently is not loading up my coffee with sugar and creamers and flavoring. It seems like a silly way to me to add lots of fats and cals to the mix when I'd rather eat something like pizza or ribs or fried chicken or ice cream if I'm gonna have something bad to eat,

And I think it has made a difference. I've gained back some of the weight I lost in ealry 2010, but I think part of why didn't pile it all back on has to do with the coffee. See I drink 3-4 cups a day easily, so it really can add up. So if anyone is looking for an area to make easy cuts in fat intake, I highly recommend the black coffee route, if you can stomach it.

Good day y'all!


  1. I once liked it strong and black...
    then got to loving the heavy whipping cream
    that is allowed on Atkins!
    But no sweetener....
    The black coffee just tears my stomach up!

  2. Those sneaky little calories all do add up. It's a matter of priorities. So lucky, I do not drink coffee because I'm sure I would like it all creamy too.'ll get used to it, right? :-)

  3. No can do. lol The black coffee is too rough on my tummy....I use Stevia, a zero calorie sweetener, and different creamers that range between 14-35 cals per Tbsp...1 Tbsp per cup. :)

  4. I meant 15, not 14, lol....Coffeemate sugar-free hazelnut...delish. :)

  5. I can't do black either! I only started drinking coffee within the past 2 years and haven't worked up to black yet. Mostly I drink my coffee for the caffeine, but the vehicle to get it down is my creamer. Vanilla Nut, Peppermint Mocha, Vanilla Caramel.... YUM.

    How'd you switch? Cold turkey? Doesn't it taste bitter without anything in it to sweeten it up??

  6. I love coffee! My husband lovingly calls my cups of coffee "soup" because I have to have all the cream and sugar in it. LOL So, when I started my new weight loss journey this month, I've ditched it completely 'cause I can't do black coffee, even flavored.

    So I still get my coffee fix with instant coffee granules and often mix it in with my morning protein shake mix. :)

  7. I love coffee but recently gave it up as it was affecting my ability to lose weight (messed with my low blood sugar). We are all so different. I'm glad it helps you!