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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Everyday Goals?

I have been at this weight loss blog thing for a year now, and looking back at 2010 I think my general approach worked when I stuck to it. But I do think there were times when I set the bar a little too high, for example "I will walk at least 10,000 pedometer steps everyday, no excuse" was a goal of mine for a while last year and it just wasn't always possible to stick to that 7 days a week because happens and you can't always do it. And when I wasn't able to meet the 10,000 step goals everyday, I eventually stopped worrying about how many steps I had anymore and that was another goal down the tubes. But I think an important part of sticking with this long term, reaching our goal weight, and staying there is being able to succeed at the smaller intermediate goals. And I think part of that means being resonable when we set these goals. In my case it was pedometer steps, but I think if we try to commit to doing anything every single day, the chances are good we will eventually fail and get discouraged.

So this year my goal is at least 12,000 steps 4 days a week and 7000 steps for the other 3 days. It will be much easier to achieve and will result in the same amount of exercise as if I'd hit 10,000 daily. Just something to think about as we set these goals within the goals.

I apprecaite the new followers that have been coming my way, and will be catching up with you tomorrow. Gotta get some sleep for my first full work week in a while. Good night y'all!


  1. I agree with you 100% Matt. It's persisistence not perfection that wins this race...and we will win - no matter how long it takes.

  2. It's like so many things - numbers don't mean aas much as the general direction you're going in. Some times it's 10,000 steps. Some times, it's none. It's about health and being happy at any level of fitness!
    Glad to follow you, Matt!

  3. Part of our 'problem' is constant guilt over failures that we set ourselves up for. So, spanning the 10,000 steps out is a good idea.
    The only real goal i set for myself this year is to avoid sugery products [cake, biscuits etc]
    The rest is just to eat more greens, less meat, and keep moving!

  4. I love the idea of intermediate goals...definitely! :)