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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow in Tennessee

We've actually had snow accumulation here in the past couple days, which is rare in these parts. Have had some fun playing in the snow, but weight loss and exercise have taken a back seat for the past couple days as a result of being snowed in, etc. Yesterday, I worked from home and noticed myself grabbing at food a lot more than usual just because it was there. I don't do that during the normal day at the office. I guess it's a good thing I don't telecommute every day!

However, I did finally stumble my way to Level 4 on my pedometer program tonight, so $175 is coming my way. When I reached Level 4, the website told me that if by Jan 26, I can earn only 11,900 more Health Miles (which is equivalent to about my past six months total of walking etc.), I will reach Level 5. Anyone got any ideas how I can do that?


  1. Run in place? Or on a treadmill? Mall walk! LOL :-D

    I haven't tried Folgers or Maxwell House. We usually get the Seattle Mtn. Blend from Costco, so maybe it's more bitter? I dunno, I just can't choke down the black coffee.

    And just to be on the safe side, I don't plan to bathe in lotion anytime soon. ;-) But AFTER my diet is done, bring on the moisturizer!

  2. We got the tail end of your snow system last night. It took me 20 minutes to clean off my car...yes I know I live in Canada, in the snow belt - but still!!!!

  3. Yahoo for the money. We got major snow here too (Canada - BC) only for it to start raining today and wash a lot of it away. It always seems to happen that way. What's with this weird weather that's happening all over this year?