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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Wagon Is Tipping

Today I at least started thinking about the things that were so successful earlier in the year and blending a few of those things into my day. For example, went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and just had a big House Salad and it was plenty to eat. Well, I bummed a few steak fries from someone else at the table, but the point is that the wagon is starting to tip the other direction.

For better or worse, I am one of those all or none people. So if I'm into something (e.g weight loss), I get vested in it wholeheartedly, but I also tend to fall out of these things wholeheartedly. Getting back into this blog is sort of the first step of folding all the other good habits in.  The good thing about how I originally lost all the weight is that it wasn't even a diet or a plan. I ate every kind of food I wanted (pizza, ribs, beer, etc.) , but in much lesser portions than I'm capable of eating. And the thing was, I hardly ever felt hungry or anything during that time. Just the opposite: getting out of bed was much easier, I felt a lot less tired and crappy, and I didn't miss all the overeating.

My "plan" consisted of basically of one thing: don't eat unless actually hungry. That's my biggest downfall, if the food is offered, I'll eat it. If I'm stressed, I'll eat. If I have to stop to fill up with gas, I'll grab a snack just just because it's there. I am convinced that stopping that behavior alone accounted for 70% of my weight loss, the other 30% from simple exercise and getting plenty of water. So simple when you think about it, but also so easy to drift away.

Anyway, it's good to be back on here and heading in the right direction. Merry Christmas to all blogger buds!

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