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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stealing Your Friends

I've noticed that about half of the weight loss bloggers I used to chat with all the time have pretty much fallen off the blogging circuit like, and haven't posted anything for months. And a lot of the group that is still around posts very infrequently, maybe in part cause it's still in midst of the holidays. Mostly though I think a lot of folks (myself included) started off strong with their blog on Jan 1, stayed active for quite a while, and eventually other parts of life just took over.

It sure has been a lot of fun jawing with Tammy from the old crew though, and it has made me remember how much I enjoyed the everyday camaraderie of the blog. So be warned, over the next few days I'm going to be raiding everyone's friends (startign with Tammy's, LOL) to form a new group of "regulars!"

Good night y'all!


  1. Love the warning! Classic! Tammy.. guard your friends!! ;)

  2. Hi there!
    Thanks for the comments on my blog; I sure do appreciate them, so I'm returning the favor. =)

    I've noticed quite a few people drop off as well, and I'm glad we're still duking it out. Not with each other, of course, but with our weight! ;-)

    Good to see you're still out there!

  3. I suppose I could lend you my friends, lol.....totally kidding...go visit all of them!! Leslie at Something Brilliant Is Brewing is absolutely fabulous...Tina at Fat Girl Dives In and Crys at Bigger Than My Body are good friends of mine here in Atlanta...Sheilagh at Sixty Is Good is fabulous...Chris at A Deliberate Life is as honest as they come...a real inspiration....oh my goodness there's so many, but definitely visit those! :)