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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Can't Believe It's Been a Year

I first started this blog on January 1, 2010 and dropped from 192.5 lb to 167 lb by the time April rolled around - the discipline of doing the daily blog just kept me in the pattern of doing the right things when it came to eating, exercising, water drinking, and so on. My goal had been to drop to 160lb, but weeks and weeks kept going by and I couldn't get any lower than 167 lb. I should have just decided that was the right weight for me and gone into sort of maintenacnce mode, but instead I basically stopped blogging and slowly got away from a lot of the good habits that led to all the weight loss to begin with.

I haven't put it all back on, but I'm back up to 178 and it's disappointing on several fronts. When I was big into the blogging, I had "met" some other weight loss bloggers that I really considered to be good friends, but I have managed to pretty much lose touch with all of them. I really do miss the daily interaction. And of course, it is disappointing that I have to work on re-losing the weight that I worked so hard to shed in the first place.

My plan to is get back to everyday blogging again, as I think it played such a key role in my success earlier this year. Hope I can re-connect with some of y'all.


  1. Hey buddy!!! I've missed you!! How exciting that you're back! I just saw your post about Lisa....she just disappeared one day w/o warning. If she has another blog, she hasn't emailed me to let me know like she did the last couple of times she disappeared, so I'm guessing she's still gone? It's a shame...I really like her. But thank goodness YOU came back! And so you gained a few lbs. Eh...don't sweat it. I weigh pretty much the same thing as I did last December...shit happens!! :) Nah, I shouldn't make light of it...weight loss is serious business...but it's good to know that the community is still gathered 'round even when some of us aren't doing our best or lost our way for a while. I welcome you back with open arms...and you're going back on my blog list right this very minute! :)

  2. Well your back and that is one good thing.
    I think all of us have been there at one time or another.
    I have lost a few pounds over the years only to gain them back.
    I have NEVER lost as I am and the blog is a HUGE reason for that.
    Having that accountability helps for sure!
    So welcome back! You will get there again and now you know what you need to do to stay there ( ;

  3. Sounds like you and I have the same plan....I lost 100 pounds in 2009 and put 50 of them back on last year, so its back to blogging and watching myself shrink this year, and look forward to following you and watch you do the same : )