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Monday, December 27, 2010

Pizza and Beer

Today started off with good potential - oatmeal for breakfast and just a big bowl of wonton soup for lunch, and plenty of walking. Then came a call from the wife around 3:30pm to see if I wanted to meet up with our friends/family at Mellow Mushroom. We had tomato basil bruschetta for an appetizer, which was good, though probably fattening, Then she and I split a small House pizza, which wouldn't have been bad, except that she was pretty full from the appetizer and only ate 1 slice, leaving 3 for me. All that along with a Fat Tire on tap made for a good tasting dinner, but not a good dinner.

Of course I could have eaten just the two slices and been perfectly full, but even when I was in my peak weight losing pahse earlier this year, leaving a slice of pizza sitting there was never my strong suit, Ah well, one meal is just that, one meal. Right back on it tomorrow. Night all.

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