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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today was not stellar, but still a big improvement over the last two days. Fiber bar for breakfast and jerk chicken (white), bean and corn salad, and sweet potatoes at Calypso for lunch. Plenty of water throughout the day, and even a quick walk with the wife after dinner and Psych.

Slip-ups featured eating half a cupcake at work that I wasn't even hungry for and maybe being a little too much of my own best customer as I grilled out for the family tonight (mesquite smoked chicken, grilled onions, garlic bread, and green beans). I like to sample as I go to see how things are coming along and  and adjust seasonings if needed etc. This would be fine, except that those little samples do add up and when I finally do sit down and have a reasonable sized plate with the family it's almost lke I've already eaten a meal and now I'm having seconds. Of course, this is the kind of stuff that can be easy to rationalize away, but I was stuffed after dinner and it was obvious I ate too much. It's just a lesson learned I guess. From now on if I sample a fair bit during grilling I'll just have a super small portion at the sit-down dinner, and that will be fine.I need to start putting some pictures of what I grill on here too!

Would have graded B-, but bumped up to B since there was a good lesson learned on the grilling/sampling. Good night y'all!

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  1. A good chef tastes their least that's what I figure whenever I watch a Gordon Ramsey related show. He is constantly on the case of the cooks he's berating. I figure some of the fit looking chefs are strung out on cigs and drugs or actually do a heck of a lot of work to counter their tastings!