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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Encouraging C+

Grade C+ and for same reasons as usual lately...lack of water and lack of exercise.

I actually find this C+ encouraging because I realize that since I resumed the habit of doing a quick blog post everyday I've pretty much cut out mindless eating, buffets, and overeating in general and really haven't missed any of it at all! And overeating is and has always been my biggest demon when it comes to gaining weight.With a little extra commitment, I can get that water drank and at least do some kind of exercise even if it's just walking around the building at work a few times a day. Those should be much easier adjustments than cutting out all the stupid amounts of eating has been.

I still eat whatever kind of food I want, pizza/fried chicken/ribs etc and I feel like checking in with you guys everyday is somewhat like an AA member staying in touch with their sponsor regularly, it keeps me honest about my goals. Thanks guys!


  1. You can do anything you put your mind to. Put your mind to this....get that pedometer back out. It really worked for you!

  2. I find I either have A or F kinds of days...that is my have to obsess over my health pursuits to give me the focus I need.