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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

B's and Sugar

I've yet to put together that perfect day where I eat just right, drink my fill of water, and get the proper exercise, but it's OK since I've dropped 3-4 pounds in the past couple weeks. Most days in the past week I would rate a B because I ate reasonably well and either drank plenty of water OR got at least form of exercise.

One thing though is that after meals, especially dinner, my body gets this a sugar craving for ice cream, candy, etc. So I let myself have just a little bit. I really shouldn't though because I'm not usually even hungry when the craving strikes, I just want the sugar. And not an orange or something, only legitimate 100% processed sugar will do. So I'd like to stop this habit, I just don't know how right now.


  1. When I start to get those cravings, I brush my teeth...doesn't necessarily satisfy the craving per se, but creates one more barrier to breaking down and having something to eat. Its one way of saying "I'm done eating for the night"

  2. Try a cup of tea or sugar free hot chocolate...its just a habit your body has formed. You can break it.

  3. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving...come back soon!