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Monday, June 21, 2010

Not As Planned

Running errands during lunch and decided to pick up a Chik-A-Fila sandwich on wheat, with a glass of water. This would not have been too bad healthwise, but then I saw the new Spicy Chik-A-Fila sandwich advertised everywhere and decided on that. So I ordered that and a water, still not too bad. But then the girl behind the counter tells me if I just order a shake, I get the Spicy sandwich for free as a promotion. So for $3 and a little change, I walked away with a giant Cookies and Cream Shake and the sandwich. The sandwich was good, but I still prefer the original. But the shake was awesome! As a token gesture, I stopped after drinking 3/4 of it, but I still had too much.

This is the kind of event that would have slid me down the slope of non stop eating in the past, but it won't this time. Just a silly slip up on my part, with a little help from Chik-A-Fila.


  1. Ah...the lure of the deal. I am not immune. Free food is very very bad for me. We had subway yesterday and I had the "combo"...if I simply did the math, I'm sure that the "drink" which I got (honey green tea) would really not have been free. And the Fuze green tea with honey was probably as much sugar as the soda I avoided anyway. short...worth reflecting on, but not dwelling on. I just know it is a weakness for me as well.

  2. Are you still alive???????? I've been super, super busy since I got a job and I've got to move to a new place at the end of the month, and I'll be having another garage sale this Sat for the 3rd week in a row...but I noticed my sidebar said you hadn't posted in 2 WEEKS!!! Are you all done with Blogland??? :(