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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trip to St. Louis

Just got back from meeting our really close friends in St. Louis for the weekend. We had a great time and hit many tourist attractions including the Gateway Arch, Anheuser Busch plant, Riverboat Cruise along the Mississippi, and Union Station. Eating was generally unhealthy. Budweiser tour was my favorite, and the free beer at the end of the tour tasted great!

Stops included Ted Drewes for frozen custard (pistachio) and it was terrific! It's easy to find the place, just look for hundreds of people sprawled out all over the parking lot and surrounding area digging into big yellow cups with spoons and you're there. Other places included a great Italian meal at Guido's on the Hill, breakfast at City Diner, Fitz's (where they brew and bottle their own root beer), and good old Hooters and McDs. All this sounds pretty bad when you list it out but other than the Italian meal, I really didn't overdo it anywhere. And we did do quite a bit of walking throughout the weekend. Probably have packed on a couple pounds, but will work on that starting tomorrow morning.
Hope y'all had a happy Memorial Day and found a moment to think of our troops, past and present.


  1. Sounds like a very busy trip! Did you bring back a tacky fridge magnet? Gotta have the fridge magnet!

  2. Welcome packed on 2 lbs this wknd? I packed on 5! This is going in the WRONG direction!

  3. Sounds like you hit some great spots! I totally forgot about a BBQ recommendation, but honestly St. Louis isn't really known for it. There were places like Super Smokers, Bandana's (I think) that could have worked. There is ONE place that I've heard about on the radio, but never been that allegedly will have a line out the door when they open at 11am because they only make enough for the day and when they are out, they are out....can't recall the name right now.

    If I were in town, I would have been glad to have gotten together...I'm going back mid-June for work.